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Summer parties!

Summer lunch party in the garden

We've been involved in some cracking parties this summer! Everything from rather smart understated lunches in the garden, to uber trendy barbecues with sharing platters, creating a relaxed and informal atmosphere.We really enjoy being involved from the 'ideas' stage, right through to the actual day.

Often the ideas for a party will be stem from certain factors such as location which might lend a particular atmosphere, a colour, a time to be remembered etc. From this starting point, the ideas will flow, and it is amazing what ideas get thrown up when we chat through all the options!

One example of a wonderful party, started when the hostess mentioned that her mother was French, and she would like to incorporate something of her heritage into the party. Our brainstorming session ended with a decision to turn the marquee into a French Bistro for the evening and it all fell into place from there!

One thing that is always in the plan, is what to do if the weather doesn't play ball! We have good relationships with several local marquee companies, and together we make a plan for every eventuality! We've been very lucky this summer.

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