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Unbelievable Aioli!

As I am almost always in my kitchen, the radio or the telly are often on for a bit of background noise!

The other day, as I was cooking, The Food Network was on, and a rather hansom Spanish chef making Aioli. I didn't really take too much notice, until about halfway through, when I realised he was making it all in a big Kilner jar, with a Bamix stick blender! No 'gently, gently with the oil'! Oh no, he just bunged it all in the jar, and whizzed it up in a couple of seconds!!

Since seeing the clip, I've trawled the Food Network, Google and YouTube to try and find the hansom chef and properly watch what he actually did, but to no avail - I haven't been able to find him anywhere! This started me thinking, 'I expect he put a hefty dollop of mustard in to help emulsify the oil and other bits', so I had a go - and guess what! IT WORKED!!!! Here is what I did - all credit to 'hansom chef'!! :-)

2 fat cloves of garlic

1heaped tablespoon of Dijon mustard

2 whole eggs

Juice of half a big juicy lemon - more if you like (and I add the zest as I love it!)

1 teaspoon of fine sea salt

500ml oil - I used a mixture of blended and extra virgin olive oil

First peel garlic and squash (carefully) with a large flat knife, using the heel of your hand.

Put salt onto the garlic, and using your knife, grind the two together to a fine lump-free paste. Put garlic paste in tall sided vessel such as a measuring jug or large Kilner jar.

Add rest of ingredients. Arm your stick blender with it's weapon, submerge into the ingredients, and start whizzing. As you slowly bring the mixer up through the mass of ingredients, the oil will get incorporated without any fuss, making the most delicious home-made aioli! Nothing could be easier!

You could add herbs, capers, chillis - YUM!!! Have a try - you really won't believe it could work, but it does!

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