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What to do with leftover double cream?

Sorting out my fridges, I see that I have a litre of beautiful double cream which I thought I would need for the party we catered for, but which was in fact surplus to requirements! Double cream doesn't freeze very well, so the trick is to use it in some other way to make sure it doesn't go to waste.

I could make a quiche or a cake, but my favourite thing to do with excess double cream is to turn it into beautiful home-made butter! It is something that everyone loves, it keeps well and it's so easy.

When you make butter you separate the buttermilk (which goes off easily) from the butterfat - which keeps well in the fridge or freezer.

Simply put your double cream in an electric mixer and whip up - taking it past the 'whipped cream' stage to the point where the buttermilk and butterfat separate - a clean tea towel over your mixer at this stage is advisable, as it can slosh about a bit!

When the cream separates properly you will end up with all the butterfat coming together and looking like butter. Drain off the buttermilk and save it (buttermilk can be used for making wonderful scones, pancakes, cakes etc - buttermilk also freezes well)

Rinse the butter under a cold tap to rinse away any residual buttermilk - squishing it until you feel you have got it all out. (this bit is important, as any leftover buttermilk can make the butter go rancid)

If you want to add salt crystals, now is the time to mix them in - then take a couple of butter pats (or flat wooden spatulas) and press the butter, pushing out any air bubbles, and forming it into your required shape.

Sometimes I make a long roll and others I make little pats like in this picture.

You can of course either freeze your lovely butter, or eat it right away! Lovely way to use leftovers!

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